The Story Behind the Furniture

Grant Rix is the designer & furniture maker here at The Hardwood Refinery.
Our Native hardwood trees produce such beautiful timber,every board and every slab are different in some way from the next, you could almost say each piece has its own unique finger print.
For me to be able to unlock this fabulous display of nature and showcase it by creating a unique timber dining table or beautiful piece of custom made hardwood furniture for a client is a very rewarding experience indeed.
The job of handcrafting custom made furniture all starts with a phone call and a photo, maybe coming from a person who operates a timber salvage business reclaiming and recycling wind fallen and dead trees, or perhaps a call from someone demolishing an old building wanting to see the timber used instead of being discarded or burnt.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Image As a furniture maker, when I receive a photo like the one above of a big old tree that has died and fallen due to drought, or maybe a wind storm, and is now being prepared to be milled into hardwood timber slabs and boards, the anticipation of what magnificent dining tables and furniture that it will eventually produce is very exciting.


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