Sustainably sourcing Australian Hardwood Timber

Image Most of the timber used in our hardwood furniture has been sourced from private landholders,urban tree loppers, or old building demolitions.
Old dead trees blown down in storms or trees that have been salvaged from road widening projects. Trees from urban back yards that have become a danger to the residents and general public.

Hardwood timber that once would have been destined for firewood can now have a second life as a beautiful piece of hardwood furniture in your home.

The trees are generally milled onsite by specialist timber salvage operators that have the expertise and knowledge to process these fallen trees into magnificent single slab table tops and valuable furniture grade hardwood timber boards.

Kiln Drying

Image Kiln drying is the next step in the process of turning these magnificent salvaged hardwoods into dry stable timber.
This can take up to four months depending on the thickness of the timber and the moisture content of the timber prior to being put in the kiln.
After the timber has been dried down to the Australian standards moisture content, it is then ready to be handmade into your individually designed timber dining table or custom made furniture piece.

Recycled Hardwood Timber

Some of the hardwood timber we use have been recycled from old factories, buildings and warehouses that have been demolished.
These old timbers have fantastic colour and character, and this also adds a sense of history and often a story before it enters your life as a magnificent wooden dining table or piece of high quality hardwood timber Furniture.


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